Care to be taken when shopping online_ during and after

Buying online is convenient and fast, but it’s important to know how to protect yourself. Know the precautions to be taken when shopping online, and take seriously the threats that remain plentiful.

Digital commerce is a common practice, but it imposes precautions that are sometimes forgotten. We remind you of all the cares.

Cautions to take when shopping online: during the purchase

Read online store information and terms of sale

 Before purchasing, please read the terms and conditions and privacy policies. Know that, according to current legislation, all online stores must present complete identification information of the company or seller:

  1. Name or company name
  2. Geographical address where you are established and e-mail address
  3. Business Registration
  4. Tax Identification Number

Checking this information is also a way to ensure that the online store is trustworthy.

The online store must also inform you about the return and refund conditions, delivery deadlines, and costs and inform the actual value of the products in case of balances, promotions, or reductions.

Another point to be aware of is if the product prices are very low compared to other online stores. In these cases, always be suspicious.

 Pay attention to the payment method

 Payment is one of the most important moments to ensure that your purchase will be made securely, so be careful during this phase so that your bank details are not compromised. Do not provide personal or confidential information that is not absolutely necessary to make the payment.

Generally, online stores offer different payment methods. The payment methods most used by the consumers are PayPal, credit card, etc.

It is important to know that with PayPal or cards, there is no need to provide your card details to the seller, which makes your purchase safer.

Choose the method of payment in which you feel more secure, also considering the product you are going to buy. If you use cards, choose those that require additional authentication, that is, at least two steps for authorization, or with a limited ceiling and reduced validity period.

 Care to be taken after making the purchase

Save proof of payment

 Be aware that the seller must immediately send the invoice in digital format after making an online purchase. Therefore, it is important to maintain information about the seller and the transaction as with paper invoices.

As a safeguard, if you do not receive the invoice in digital format, you can guarantee a print screen of the transaction data.

Keep an eye on your bank statement and, if you suspect fraud, contact your bank and personal authorities.

Know your rights as a consumer

Know your rights regarding online purchases. These rights allow you, for example, to withdraw from the purchase or subscription of a product or service within 14 days.

Sort the purchase, and the seller

The online reputation of stores is critical for both sellers and consumers. Therefore, whenever possible, rate the purchase and the seller, being positive or negative, and leave your testimony. This will help other people to know if that site is secure or not.

#Care to be taken when shopping online_ during and after

#Care to be taken when shopping online

#shopping online

#shopping online_ during and after

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